Above the Bar hosts following Competitive Gymnastics Teams:

Our goal at ATB is to provide the facilities, coaches and training environment that allows our athletes to advance as far in the sport of gymnastics as their talents and desires allow.  Since our founding in 2013, Above the Bar Athletes have won state all-around, event and team championships, regional event championships, sent athletes to Westerns and National events, and placed athletes with collegiate teams. 

FB-JO Boys-Nationals
FB-Xcel Girls-Compeition-2
FB-JO Boys-Gym-2
FB-JO Girls-Gym-7
FB-JO Boys-Gym-3
FB-JO Boys-Gym-4
FB-JO Girls-Gym-3
FB-JO Boys-Gym-5
FB-JO Boys-Gym-6
FB-JO Girls-Gym-1
FB-JO Boys-Gym-1
FB-JO Girls-Gym-9
FB-Xcel Girls-Compeition-1
FB-Xcel Girls-Compeition-3
FB-Xcel Girls-Compeition-4
FB-JO Girls-Gym-8
FB-JO Teams Floor Lineup
FB-JO Boys-Competition-1
FB-JO Girls-Gym-2
FB-JO Girls-Gym-4
FB-JO Girls-Gym-5
FB-JO Girls-Gym-6
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