ATB ATHLETICS Trampoline and Tumbling is dedicated to building a strong program based on a solid foundation.  We are a competitive Trampoline and Tumbling program that treats every athlete the same with the highest expectations. Our goals at ATB ATHLETICS are manifold, but our main focus is to positively impact young people physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in the gym as well as continuing building champions in life.  


Our Junior Olympic Trampoline and Tumbling Program is a United States Gymnastics Association sponsored program designed to provide developmental and competitive Trampoline, Tumbling, and Double-Mini opportunities and provide a pool of talented athletes for State, Regional, and National competitions.  Our ATB coaching staff has coached and developed athletes in a team program for over 10 years and has over 20 years of training athletes in trampoline, tumbling and gymnastics.  These athletes have gone on to compete successfully, winning championships at the State, Regional, and National levels. 


We want your continuing impressions with ATB ATHLETICS to be even better than your first impression, so we promise to always strive to improve ourselves as individuals and the program as a whole. We will be honest about and learn from our mistakes, fair in our dealings, humble in our spirit, proud in our accomplishments, consistent in our purpose, and maintain our character of integrity and morals at all times.  Our Trampoline and Tumbling program works out at our ATB Athletics facility at


1318 Highway 3, Suite C, League City TX, 77573 (click for map)


“Success is a journey, not a destination.” 


Contact us to inquire about joining the ATB Athletics Trampoline and Tumbling Team.  For additional information about our Trampoline and Tumbling Team Program see our 2019-2020 Orientation package


What is Competitive Tumbling and Trampoline?


Competitive Trampoline and Tumbling is comprised of three disciplines – Power Tumbling, Trampoline, and Double Mini-Trampoline.  Athletes can compete in one or all disciplines.   


Power Tumbling – Power tumbling is performed on elevated spring runways that help tumblers propel themselves higher than a basketball goal as they demonstrate speed, strength and skill while executing a series of acrobatic maneuvers. Top-level contenders will perform explosive somersaults with multiple flips and twists.


Trampoline – International competition trampolines are larger and more powerful than those utilized in the early years and a far cry from the “backyard” models that are found today in most American suburban neighborhoods. These modern trampolines can propel trained athletes as high as 30 feet in the air during performances. During two competitive routines of 10 skills each, upper-level athletes can easily demonstrate a graceful array of double, triple and twisting somersaults. Synchronized Trampoline is a sub-discipline of trampoline.  Synchronized trampoline demands the same athletic skill as individual trampoline, while adding the element of precision timing. Using two trampolines, two athletes perform identical 10-skill routines at the same time. In this most artistic event in the sport, each performs as a mirror image of the other, doubling the visual beauty of trampoline competitioN.


Double Mini-Trampoline – Double mini is a relatively new sport that combines the horizontal run of tumbling with the vertical rebound of trampoline. After a short run, the athlete jumps onto a small two-level trampoline to perform a rebounding trick immediately followed by a dismount element onto a landing mat. Double mini is similar in concept to springboard diving, using a mat instead of water. 

2019-2020 Competition Schedule

Meet & HostLocationSession Schedule
August 19, 2019CCISD School Starts
December 7, 2019Jingle Bell Jump, Above the Bar Athletics1318 Hwy 3 Suite C, League CityTBA
January 16-19, 2020Dallas Cup, Eagle’s Wing Athletics200 E Stacy Rd, Allen, TX 75002Dallas Cup Schedule
January 31-February 2, 2020WOGA ClassicThe Ford Center at the Star              9  Cowboys Way, Frisco TX 75034WOGA Classic Schedule
February 14-16, 2020Trevino’s Invitational1438 S. Interstate 35 East Service Rd., Lancaster TXTrevino’s Invitational Schedule
March 6-8, 2020Dare to SoarField House USA,
6155 Sports Village Road, Frisco, TX
March 21, 2020ATB Spring Invitational1318 Hwy 3 Suite C, League CityTBA
April 24-26, 2020State Championships, South Texas T&TThe Merrell Center                         6301 S.Stadium Lane, Katy, TXTBA
May 1-3, 2020Regional Championships Region 3 T&TFt. Worth Convention Center, 
Ft. Worth, TX
June 17-21, 2020National Championships Levels 8+, USAG T&TSt. Louis, MOTBA
July 9-11, 2020National Championships Levels 5-7, USAG T&TSalt Lake City, UTTBA