S.P.A.R.K. Pre-School Academy
C.H.A.M.P.S. School-Age Academy
S.P.A.R.K. Pre-School Academy

Strong Preschoolers Are Really Keen

S - Structure
P - Participation
A - Attention Span
R - Routine and Repetition
K - Kinesthetic Awareness

You and Me Kid (16 months & Up)
This is a 45 minute guardian directed class requiring direct guardian involvement.  Through the guidance and direction of a terrific ATBGA instructor, you will guide your child through a variety of activities including: parachute time, stretching activities, large motor skill challenges, obstacle courses, fun songs, bars, beam, vault, floor exercise and trampoline activities.  The curriculum is designed to enhance and challenge your toddler's gross motor skills, loco-motor skills, and spatial awareness.  The consistency of the class provides a sense of security to your little one and he/she will feel empowered in knowing what to expect!  This class is great for teaching your child to associate fun with physical fitness, building his/her confidence, while encouraging bonding between guardian and child.

DynaTykes (2 1/2 years & Up) This 
45 minute class is designed to increase your child's physical strength, coordination and listening skills through activities that are fun and challenging.  Apparatus training includes vault, bars, beam, and floor exercise as well as games and exercises that enhance gross motor, loco-motor, and spatial awareness.  Children under the age of three must have instructor approval and demonstrate that they can stay on task and follow directions.

DynaMites (3 1/2 years & Up) This 55 minute class continues to build your child's strength, coordination, and flexibility through activities, games, and obstacle courses that are fun and challenging!  Goals include development of self-confidence, a love for sports, and basic gymnastics skills.  Apparatus training includes vault, bars, beam, tumbling and trampoline.  (Children under four years of age must start in the DynaTykes class until they are able to follow directions and stay on task.)

FireCrackers (4 years & Up) This 55 minute class is designed to transition school-age children (entering Kindergarten/in Kindergarten) into the C.H.A.M.P. Academy.  The curriculum is focused on developing strength, confidence, flexibility, and independent skill training.  Athletes will focus on basic skills and drills that facilitate their transition to training on full size apparatus.

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